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House Team Chart

House Team

KS1 House Colours


In recognition of the children's positive behaviour and attitude to learning, the teachers in KS1 have decided to introduce a new way of rewarding the children across the key stage in a collaborative way. The children have been placed into four house colours: Sapphire, Topaz, Emerald and Ruby.

Each child has a house colour card to collect their stickers awarded in school. Everyday stickers will be given 1 point and smiley book stickers will be 2 points. At the end of each half term the sticker cards will be counted, and the house that has the most points will be rewarded with a mufti day in the last week. All children will also be able to bring their sticker cards home on this day. New cards will be issued at the start of the new term.


House Points Results


Autunm 2 - Topaz

Spring 1 - Topaz

Spring 2 - Ruby 

Summer 1 - Emerald

Summer 2 - 

Purple Mash
Our Autumn term begins on Wednesday 5th September - For Reception and Nursery Children please refer to your previous correspondence - If you are unsure on your child's starting date please contact the school office on 01462 623388 from Wednesday 5th September. Thank you