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School Closure



We would like to take this opportunity to remind all parents and carers of our procedures with regard to snow.


As a school we think it is important to stay open wherever possible so please assume we are open.  We will only close in the most extreme situations and if this is the case will put notifications by 8:00am.  Please make sure your contact information is update.



The reason we stay open is because we believe education is too important to miss even one day.  I want our children to grow up knowing we want the best for them and we do this by ensuring they have as much learning time as possible.  Also it is important they learn sometimes life can be a struggle.  They need to learn to be resilient and overcome obstacles that are put in the way.


We also have many parents who work and to close the school would impac-t on them   We of course consider the safety of the children, parents and staff when making a decision regarding school closure.


Our procedures are as follows: -


1. Assume we are open!


We will post a message on our website, Facebook, and Evenbridge.  Please check these before calling the school office.  Always assume school is open unless told otherwise.


2. Lend a Hand!


If the snowfall is heavy, we would appreciate any help you can give to clear the paths around the school.  If you are willing and able to, please arrive at school from 8:00am armed with shovels.  I think a combined group of staff and parents would be able to clear our school and the pathways around it making it much safer for everyone.


3. Don’t rush!


Although school will start at 8:50am as usual, we will keep the registers open until 9:30am to allow for extra journey time.  If you know you are going to arrive late please just call ahead to let us know so you can order your child’s lunch.


4. Help your child to understand why we stay open and reassure them we always find time to play in the snow.  Make sure your child has suitable footwear to wear in the snow, a change of shoes to wear inside and named coats, hats and gloves etc.


Thank you for your support.

Miss C Logan

Head Teacher


School Closure Procedures


In the event of severe weather conditions we will always try to keep the school open. However, to check if the school is closed:

Please check our website


You can also check the Hertfordshire County Council Website for Information about School closures



  *Listen to Three Counties Radio, 103.8 FM

  *Check your email for notification

  *Check your mobile for a text alert *

  * Please ensure we have up-to-date contact details for you

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